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Your Brand Isn’t Just a Name or Logo. It’s a Personality

Your brand's personality can make or break your relationship with your audience and comes across through the words you use... the attention you get on social media… the design elements you present.… the images you feature… the need you fill for your audience.​ Every touch point matters.

It's Tougher Than Ever to Stand Out. That's Where We Come In.

Experience shows that a quick hit on SEO does not result in long-term brand loyalty. In fact, most users can't recall who they clicked on and can't even recall which brands they interacted with in the past 24 hours! While we know how to drive clicks for short term campaigns, our focus is longer term and how to retain your audience and keep them engaged. Read about our approach here

We Help You Communicate Your Story Your Way

A common problem with entrepreneurs is that they're too close to their own product/service to speak clearly about it to someone who isn't as familiar. No matter who your audience, you must be able to tell your company's story in a clear, concise way that catches someone's attention enough to get involved.

We focus on making your "why" accessible, and the "how" easy to understand. We generally start with a deep dive into your product or service, and then gain an understanding of your competitive set. If we can't see how or why you stand apart from your competitors, you can be sure an investor won't either! Through honest feedback and collaboration, we help you avoid potential pitfalls, and ensure that your messages are memorable and irresistible, whether you're pitching an investor, sales team or an executive board member.


We know that, all too often, you have only get one chance to present. With our help, you'll put your best foot forward.

Brand Strategy Services

  • Strategic Positioning and Areas of Opportunity

  • Brand Taglines, Identities and Style Guides

  • Brand Messaging

  • Branded Content

  • Marketing plans to drive awareness

  • Investor and sales presentations

  • Key messages and talking points

  • Recommendations for key partnerships 

  • Marketing copy and marketing services

  • General advisement for all matters related to digital start-ups

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