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We make the "why" irresistible, and the "how" easy to understand. Some call this "consumerizing" a message; others call it a Unique Selling Proposition (USP); we call it smart marketing.

No matter your audience, you can be sure they have more choices than ever before. It's critical that your sales and marketing messages "speak" to them clearly and compellingly, whether it's in sales materials, website copy, eblasts, social media, investor decks or other touch points.

  • Copy that explains complex solutions easily, and exposes value and differentiation.

  • Development of audience "personas" with tailored messaging.

  • Creation of all forms of marketing materials -- from one-sheets to landing pages to Powerpoint decks.

Email Isn't Dead. In Fact, Our Emails Often Drive More Results Than Anything Else.

It's a fact: Email remains the most effective digital marketing tool for both B2B and B2C marketers and is why email marketing is one of our primary areas of expertise. The challenge is that it's harder than ever to get a subscriber to open your email since the average worker receives over 120 emails every single day! We've tested literally thousands of subject lines over the years, and we know how to get the right people to open your email. We also know how to get them to respond. Through a combination of compelling copy and visuals, we have a proven track record for results from our email marketing efforts.​​

Marketing Messages with Confidence

 We pride ourselves on crafting messages that positions your brand/service/product in a way that's distinct and relevant.  Through our 3-step process, we provide our clients with a clear rationale of how and why we got there so that you end up with:

  • Confidence that your messaging will communicate your unique value to your audience.

  • Copy for a variety of purposes including your website, ad campaigns, landing pages, social media, one-sheets, Powerpoint presentations, and more.

  • Creation of sales collateral that clients and investors won't be able to resist.

  • Cohesive communications to keep you and your team on-brand, including your own Cheat Sheet to Staying on Brand.

Product Marketing for B2C, B2B and D2C

The difference between marketing techniques for B2B and B2C has blurred. Why? All audiences, whether B2B or B2C, respond to clear, relevant messaging and need motivation to do so. In today’s crowded digital world – with endless search results and scrolling newsfeeds – users have more choices than ever before, putting pressure on marketing messages to be distinct, relevant and compelling, no matter the industry. This means relying less on the use of jargon and tech-y speak and more on words/phrases that connect with your audience – and lead to brand recall and response. That's where we come in: We know how to  creatively reach your target audience, compel them to engage, and incentivize them to stick around for the long term. From strategic planning for growth to optimizing the customer's journey, we have a proven track record for turning casual browsers into brand loyalists using tactics such as content marketing, lead generation, CRM, email and social media... and more. 

Sales & Marketing Services

  • Translating complex ideas and messages into compelling but clear narratives.

  • Marketing copy with distinct and relevant messages.

  • Audience persona discovery.

  • Sales collateral -- copy, one-sheets, presentations and more.

  • Creative methods for amplifying your message, driving demand, and lifting engagement.

  • Email marketing campaigns.

  • Event marketing.

  • Landing pages.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media ad platforms

  • Full service email campaign management including copy, imagery, writing, editing, creating graphics and sourcing photos. We'll even build emails for you!

  • Event marketing -- from branding elements to full marketing plans for event-related content to push out, hashtags to use, influencers to reach, and more.


Have an Event Coming Up? We'll Get the Right People There.

Whether it's a webinar, a conference or a local community event, we'll do a smart digital marketing plan to reach people who might want to attend. In our experience, marketing an event  is most effective through a combination of social media, email marketing, paid media and content. We focus mainly on the "Why" -- Why should someone take time out of their busy schedule to attend? We work with you to identify and craft a series of key messages that we then push out through the appropriate channels.

But we don't set a plan and forget it. In event marketing, we don't have that luxury. You have a set date for the event and attendee numbers to meet. So we are in a constant state of launch, test and learn: By  examining the performance of our efforts on a daily and weekly basis, we can optimize and adjust ASAP. Our jobs don't end once the event begins. Our team can be on hand to live tweet for you and make sure that those who can't make it in person feel included in real-time.

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